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Grant Deadline
  • October 1, 2015 for projects taking place in 2016
Grant Overview

2016 ABC Grant guidelines are available on this web site and can be used to prepare narrative and budget information. However, the appliction must be submitted on-line through the Grants Online system. 

The Arts Build Communities grant program provides $3,000-$7,000 matching support to arts and other community-based organizations for projects that address a local community problem, issue or need through an arts-based solution.

Arts Build Communities (ABC) grants support the arts in local communities and the involvement of the arts and artists in community development and cultural tourism. The grants recognize the expanding role that arts organizations play in the broader, cultural, social, educational and economic areas of community life. Support is provided to arts and other community-based organizations to form alliances and partnerships to strengthen communities through projects that connect the arts with local issues and opportunities.

Projects from communities that are underserved by arts services will receive priority for funding. Underserved communities include communities whose opportunities to experience the arts are limited by geography, ethnicity, economics, or disability. Successful community arts projects connect with broader community development issues and goals. The most competitive Arts Build Communities grant projects illustrate the connection between artists, local arts resources, and community development.

Solid arts and community development projects reflect local partnerships, local impact, and careful project planning. While projects may access resources outside the community, this program’s emphasis is on building local capacity to strengthen the arts in a community. The ABC Grant program is broader than an arts project grant program. It is committed to fostering partnerships and strengthening the arts in communities across the state.  

Projects must support the integration of the arts and artists with community goals and may include new initiatives, new program development, or the expansion of an existing arts and community development project.

This program will not support the construction, purchase, or renovation of facilities. However, pre-development, design fees and community planning activities are eligible for support.

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