Arts Learning


Deb Vaughn
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Grant Deadline
  • April 1, 2016
Grant Overview

Arts Learning grants support projects that:

  • Expand opportunities for K-12 students to learn in and through the arts, producing measurable learning outcomes;
  • Provide professional development opportunities so Oregon’s teaching artists, teachers and administrators increase their knowledge about the value of the arts in student learning; and
  • Include sustained and substantive interactions with students over time, rather than single events or stand-alone activities.

Requests for Arts Learning Grants may include support for the following:

  • Regional or statewide work with schools and communities to develop, implement and deliver substantive arts education projects for students and teachers;
  • Professional development for teachers including conferences and workshops; and/or
  • Meaningful out-of-school work that takes place as part of an extended school day program, during vacation periods or in community organizations.

Oregon Arts Commission

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