Fellowship Profiles

The Arts Commission recognizes the achievements of outstanding Oregon artists through annual Individual Artist Fellowship grants. Fellowship Profiles introduce featured artists and provide a description of their work. 

2016 Fellowship Recipient

Born in Japan and raised in the Midwest, Julie Green knew by age four that she wanted to be an artist. From her childhood, Green recalls, “Growing up, there was no distinction between the family quilts and ukiyo-e prints in our home.

2015 Fellowship Recipient

“A Husband and Wife Are One Satan” is a Russian saying that describes how couples are implicitly connected in each other’s activities.

2015 Fellowship Recipient

“Because I come from a background in theater, I tend to speak as I write,” says author Victor Lodato.

2015 Fellowship Recipient

“It’s like a crime scene,” explains Katherine Longstreth. “Most of us don’t witness the crime, but the detectives go back and use evidence to determine what happened.” 

2015 Fellowship Recipient

Few artists in the United States can integrate their interest in the written word with performance art, but such multi-genre projects are a specialty of Ana-Maurine Lara whose “Cantos” project led her to walk the streets of New York City and inter

2015 Fellowship Recipient

Imagine hiking through Hoyt Arboretum, the 189-acre wilderness park located inside the city of Portland, and stumbling upon a contemporary dance performance.


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