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Through fellowships, grants, the Art in the Governor’s Office and Oregon Percent for Art programs, the Arts Commission has long invested in Oregon’s visual arts legacy.

In 2010, The Ford Family Foundation announced a five-year Visual Arts Program in honor of Mrs. Hallie Ford's interests in the arts, a co-founder of the Foundation. The Arts Commission partners with the Foundation to administer two of seven program elements: Arts Acquisition Funds to Oregon visual arts institutions for the purpose of acquiring seminal works of art by Oregon artists; and Opportunity Grants for visual artists.

In 2013, The Foundation and Arts Commission unveiled a new Visual Arts Ecology Project—an effort to document the evolution, shared accomplishments and character of the sector. With this project, thoughtfully completed by artist Tad Savinar and writer Jon Raymond, we hope to begin an ongoing dialogue.

Why We Work Here

When Oregon and ecology are included in the same sentence, visions of our state’s natural beauty first come to mind-physical wonders that have served as backdrops and players in the stories of our “place,” that define a particular Oregon character.  Among them is a story of Oregon's visual arts.

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