Fellowship Profiles

The Arts Commission recognizes the achievements of outstanding Oregon artists through annual Individual Artist Fellowship grants. Fellowship Profiles introduce featured artists and provide a description of their work. 

2016 Fellowship Recipient

Ronna Neuenschwander’s current works of composite and mosaicked figures ask questions around the enduring human practice of crafting objects after our own form. What did these objects mean to those who crafted them hundreds of years ago?

2015 Fellowship Recipient

Composer Rebecca Oswald thrives on variety. She has written works for piano, chamber ensemble, orchestra, choir and solo voice.

2015 Fellowship Recipient

Just a year after moving from India to Oregon in 1989, Jayanthi Raman started performing traditional Indian dance and never let up. Since then she has given hundreds of performances in the Northwest and toured extensively throughout the nation.

2015 Fellowship Recipient

The unexpected way Alexis Smith got her first novel published can bring a smile to anyone’s face.

2015 Fellowship Recipient

Carol Triffle is a producer, writer, director and actor. Her many talents are one of the main reasons that Imago Theatre continues to be a success many years after she and Jerry Mouawad founded it in 1979.

2015 Fellowship Recipient

“Audiences are often very surprised by how much can be communicated without words,” says Kate Braidwood. “They find themselves being drawn into a story and moved to laughter and tears, even though we never speak on stage.”


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