Reports, profiles, and plans that describe the impact and outcomes of the Oregon Arts Commission's programs. Please contact the Commission to request copies of any of these publications.

The Oregon Arts Commission funded the Connecting Students to the World of Work (WoW) grants to support projects that offer engagement in the professional elements of an artistic career field for underserved students. Through an emphasis on the practical application of knowledge in the workforce, WoW projects contributed to sequential learning for students to build creative and technical skills in the arts. This report summarizes the evaluation results of all eleven projects, revealing that underserved students showed increased motivation and appreciation for arts education after participation.
A summary of the cross-site evaluation results from eight sites providing hands on learning for students to build skills in the arts.
Connecting Students to the World of Work Report
Oregon Arts Commission Strategic Plan 2015-2020
The values and goals of the Oregon Arts Commission in 2011 and a strategic plan for providing the preservation and development of the arts and culture in Oregon for the next five years.


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