Enlivening classrooms, strengthening communities, and enhancing public spaces from the coast to the high desert.

Benefitting Oregon's Quality of Life

Our work is founded on the following principles: the arts bring people together and strengthen communities, the arts are critical to a strong educational system, the arts add value to Oregon’s economy, and the arts are fundamental to a healthy society.

Our programs ensure that arts organizations across the state have the skills and resources to offer high quality programs, Oregon artists are supported and acknowledged for their creation of high quality work, and Oregonians have access to excellent art opportunities and experiences.

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Guided by Oregon's Percent for Art legislation, the Arts Commission manages the state's Percent for Art Program, which places art in public buildings throughout the state.

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The Arts Commission believes that art in public places promotes visually diverse and culturally rich environments that enhance the state's public spaces and contribute to the lives of Oregon’s residents and visitors.

Since 1975, the Art in the Governor’s Office Program has honored selected artists in Oregon with exhibitions in the reception area of the Governor's Office in the State Capitol Building.

The Arts Commission strategically invests in Oregon’s arts education by providing Arts Learning grants. Grantees become part of a vibrant learning community that includes many regional and national organizations. We provide a dedicated and professional staff to council organizations in the structuring of programs and evaluation of initiatives. 

The capacity-building work of the Oregon Arts Commission is designed to help arts organizations become stronger, more effective, and more nimble as they move into the future. In addition to awarding grants, the Arts Commission has developed a range of other services to help build the capacity of Oregon arts groups.

Strategic investments by the Oregon Arts Commission offer support for local and regional arts councils that maintain dynamic arts organizations across the state. Our dedicated and professional staff provides targeted, specialized assistance in the planning and execution of existing or emerging programs.

The Governor's Arts Awards were established in 1977 to recognize individuals and organizations that have made significant contributions to the cultural life of Oregon. From presentations in the Capitol Rotunda in Salem to multimedia productions celebrating award recipients in Portland, Eugene and Newport, the Governor's Arts Awards are a celebration of the arts across the state.

Nominations for the 2020 Governor's Arts Awards are now open: Call for Nominations

Through fellowships, grants, the Art in the Governor’s Office and Oregon Percent for Art programs, the Arts Commission has long invested in Oregon’s visual arts legacy.

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